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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Funny Husband and the Surprise Valentine's Gift!

Hi Ladies! I'm sorry I haven't posted these last few days! I've got lots to share with you this week!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's/Presidents Day weekend! Ours was so great, I couldn't have asked for more! It was a wonderful first Valentine's as newlyweds. We had a relaxing Valentine's evening, spent Sunday afternoon and went to his parents that evening. Monday, we spent the day at the coast due to our day off! We had such a good time!

Mackenzie came home Friday evening with a gift hidden behind his back. He told me he had something for me and handed me this little tea light candle holder.

I said, "Oh! Thanks honey! That was really sweet of you. What is this for?" (Forgetting that Valentine's is tomorrow!) He said, "Happy Valentine's day!". And my response was "Oh! How sweet of you. Thanks." (Trying to hide my disappointment) Now let me mention that we are trying to be frugal and save money. However, I looked at the back of the candle and noticed the price tag. $1.99. I also noticed that it was from Goodwill. Not that this is a bad thing. I LOVE thrift shopping and finding good bargains. However, on this Valentine's day, I was a little bummed. I secretly hoped that I would at least get flowers. I probably sound horrible!

But, none the less, I did my best to be grateful of this gift and was still touched that he got me something. Little did I know....

A few minutes later, Mackenzie asked me if the gift was OK. That if it was sufficient. I had to be honest. I said, well it's great but I was kind of hoping for
something like flowers...

"Oh I'm so sorry honey. Can I please try again?"
Confused, B said, "Um sure."
M: "Well would you like me to try again tonight or tomorrow?"
B: "Um...tonight would be OK..."
M: "Close your eyes." (Ruffling in his jacket), "OK!"

He pulled out a little box with this in it:

I was COMPLETELY surprised! Mackenzie was so thoughtful to give me this. I couldn't believe it! Here we are supposed to be saving money and he pops this out! We are still trying to be frugal but he said that he really wanted this Valentine's to be special. And it was special. With or without the necklace!

The funny thing about this whole story is, Mackenzie actually wanted me to be really upset about the candle holder. He wanted me to say something like, "Oh...is that it?" haha. I just couldn't do something like that to him. Even though those thoughts ran through my head. I definitely don't expect him to get me gifts like this all the time, but it was a very nice surprise.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be sharing about our trip to the coast, but here's a little preview! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

19 sweet comments:

Carol said...

Wow Brittany! Your necklace is gorgeous, hubby did a great job!


southerninspiration said...

Awww, what a sweetheart! And the necklace is gorgeous....as is the candleholder!!!:)


mardell said...

Oh Brittany!! Then necklace is gorgeous! I love it. I bet it'll look beautiful on you! And what a stinker that husband of yours is! LOL :o)

It's always so refreshing to hear sweet/funny stories such as yours. What would life be like without laughter & a little (or alot) of fun?

Looking forward to hearing about your little day trip.


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny but yet so sweet. Hope that you have a great day!

TeamKeiling said...

How exciting! The necklace is beautiful, and you two are so romantic :)

Sharon said...

Awe....that is so cute and so romantic! I love how he "got" you!!! That necklace is gorgeous girl! I also really like that candle holder. I wonder who gave him the idea to give a "real" gift and a Goodwill gift?? :0).....hmmmm

Love Mom
See you in a few hours!!!

Where My Treasure Is said...

haha! loved the story--it was so funny/sweet! I'm sure you're excited to show off that beautiful necklace!

I can't wait to read your coast post~
Hope you're having a great day =)


Barb said...

That was so sweet of him to make your first married valentine's special....Barb

Lori said...

What a beautiful, beautiful blog. You and Mackenzie are a sweet couple and the Spirit really shines through you.


Elena said...

What a lovely necklace. It will look so pretty on you! Your Coast pictures are beatiful. I look forward to hearing about your trip.

Sweet Nothings said...

Hi Mardell!

Hope your week is going well! You're completely right about laughter. I don't think life would be very good without it! I'm blessed with a husband that I know will always make me laugh. I love that.

Have a blessed evening!


Librarian or Teacher said...

I found your blog at Blog Guild and love it!
What a sweet surprise for him to do that for you.

Mel @ http://librarianorteacher.blogspot.com/

Mrs.Ruiz said...

What a sweetheart:)

Leah said...

I have an award for you! Come on over and get it!
Have a great night! :)

Kathy said...

Oh, your necklace is beautiful! What a sweetie you've got!

momma said...

thanks for being a new friend. i have an award for you! come on over and get it!

jenjen said...

Hi Brittany --
What a SWEET story. Your husband is amazing. And such a good plan! The necklace is beautiful!

Your pictures are spectacular. I can't wait to hear more!


Charree said...


Your necklace is beautiful. What a wonderful surprise for your first Valentine's day.

I look forward to hearing about your trip.

Have a blessed day,

Alice said...

I love your necklace! Beautiful! and I'm glad your first married Valentine's Day was special. Thanks for sharing it with us :).

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