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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lets Go to the Ocean

On Monday, Mackenzie and I took a trip to the coast. We were very lucky with the weather. It wasn't warm, but it didn't rain!

Just for a heads up, this is the
"coast" not the "beach". It is not crowded with people like the beaches in Southern California and the water is not warm. In fact, it is rarely warm even in the summer! You could imagine the culture shock I got when I moved up here from Southern California! I really enjoy what both places has to offer. The Oregon coast is just a beautiful site to see and the California coast is warm and sunny.

We drove about 45 minutes from home to get to our first destination and really didn't stay long there. We checked out some antique shops in two cities and decided to go further north. Our third destination was where we saw these seals.

We stuck around watching them for awhile. They way they interact is really very interesting. One seal in particular kept trying to get up on the dock and the other seals would start, well honking at him...Is that the noise they make? Anyway, his attempt to get on the dock failed but, alas, he kept trying and they just kept on "honking".

Many of them just slept.

My husband looking off into the distance...it was hard to get pictures of him this day! I think he's getting tired of taking pictures for "the blog". I told him that they're not just for the blog, but also for our memories! :) He's so great.

I love how random artwork like this bike is displayed. There's a lot of random artwork like that throughout the city I live in as well. I think it's pretty cool!

We then decided that it was time to go down to the water and look at the ocean. Can I just say that I love the ocean? The waves, the smell, the sand in your toes. It's such a beautiful, relaxing place.

I love this shot of him.

These seagulls cracked me up! The way they sit on their posts in such a uniform fashion is so neat. Look at that, exactly 5 facing forward and 5 facing the ocean. How does that happen?

His favorite pose...Steve Zissou. You may notice that there is a pipe in his mouth. He enjoys smoking his pipe for the flavor and doesn't do it very often. He and his guy friends have "guys night" once a week and that is typically where he smokes it. He does smoke sometimes outside our home as well. I'm not completely thrilled with the idea of him smoking the pipe but I'm also not too worried either. He doesn't inhale and I know that he is not addicted to it. It's just a little pastime for him. He's actually gotten into collecting vintage pipes and looks for them when we go to antique stores. He likes the history they hold.

There's those birds again! I just love how the sun hits the water in this picture.

Mackenzie managed to capture this moment...me, in the midst of falling off the driftwood!

As we were walking down to the ocean, I noticed this little tea shop. It was closed but I just loved that little yellow door and had to take a picture!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

16 sweet comments:

Rebekah said...

Hi! I stumbled across your sweet blog. Your pictures here are beautiful! Have a beautiful day!

Sharon said...

It looks like you guys had a great day! Your photos are beautiful! The birds are really funny, it's almost like they are security gaurds! I hope you are feeling better today.

I love you,

P.S. You guys are the subject of my post today!

BECKY said...

I loved my trip to the coast with you!! I've never been west of Colorado, so this is a treat indeed!!

My two favorite pics You falling!! LOL!!

and the seagulls lined up on the posts! I have this thing for birds!! Could I possibly grab that photo to put in my sidebar with a link back to you? It's fine either way, just thought I'd ask!

Blessings to you, sweetie! So glad to see you're enjoying married life!

Joyful blessings,

Barb said...

great pics,I envy you being that close to the ocean,I too love the smells and sounds have a great day....Barb

Elena said...

Those are beatiful pictures, Brittany. You have a very artistic eye! I love the Oregon Coast too for it's magesty and beauty.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the pics of the seals! Popped in from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Love the seagull picture! Looks like you guys had a great time.

TeamKeiling said...

Looks like fun! You two are such a great looking couple :)

momma said...

i love the pictures of the seals!!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Can you believe we have lived in Oregon for over three years and have yet to make it to the coast:( I love the pictures

Alice said...

Brittany, thanks for voting for my photo! I appreciate it!

I love all your shots here. My favorites are the seagulls lined up on the posts and your 4th photo of your husband looking out over the water. Great photos! and you are so right, you're making memories now for later! Thanks for sharing them with us :O).

BECKY said...

Thanks so much Brittany!! You're a sweetie!!

Have a fantastic Friday!!

Where My Treasure Is said...

I loved all the pics! I don't ever see anything like that here in Oklahoma...so thanks for sharing!

It looks like you've been given this award by a few people already, but I just had to give it you too! Come by my blog and pick it up!


mardell said...

Wow, looks like you both had a great day. Your photos look like postcards ~ very beautiful! :o) Cute pic of you "falling" off the driftwood! LOL

Have a great weekend Brittany.

The Southern Housewife said...

beautttttiful picture, britt! they are so gorgeous! love to see more of your work! :)

Kathi said...

What a fun day and the beautiful Oregon Coast. I love your photos. You two are so cute together. Love, Kathi

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