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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Worship and Praise Sunday - High Above

Welcome to Worship and Praise Sunday!

If you'd like to join...see here to read the first post and why I started. Also, read the guidelines below to know how to participate!
  • Share a favorite worship song by either a video (i.e. youtube, etc) or the lyrics of the song.
  • Share a bit about what it means to you.
  • Whether it be you or someone else, please give credit to the artist who wrote it.
  • Publish your Worship and Praise Sunday post on your blog.
  • Please offer a link back to the main page of my blog, so other readers where know where to join in.
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  • Copy the "permalink" from your Worship and Praise Sunday post and add it to Mr. Linky.
Today I'm sharing "High Above" written by Phil Wickham
**Please pause the music in my sidebar before listening to the video**

Your mercy falls like the rain
Your powers displayed in your wild ocean
Your presence will always remain
Jesus Your love reaches to the heavens
You are God, high above the earth

Angels sing for you,
mountains melt at the sound of Your name
Oceans roar for You,
all of creation gives You praise
For You are God high above the earth

Jesus Your all that I need
Here is my life come and take it from me
Jesus you make me complete
With You at my side I can know no boundaries
You are God High above the earth

My husband and I remixed this song on our CD. See my Voice To Spirit post for more information on how to listen to it. This has been one of my favorite praise songs for a few years now. Phil Wickham makes such beautiful music. My favorite part of the song is where it says "Angels sing for You, Mountains melt at the sound of Your name. Oceans roar for You. All of creation gives you praise." That paints such a beautiful picture in my mind. Oceans roar, mountains melt. Praise You Lord!

On a side note, I'm sure many of you have noticed I took a break from blogging this week. I feel like the time has just flown right past me. Each week feels busier and busier. But, I'll be back with new posts on Monday. I've got a neat Crafty Type Giveaway/Challenge for you to join in on if you wish as well as an award to accept (Thanks Leah!), and a few recipes to share as well!

Have a blessed day!!

8 sweet comments:

Megan said...

Such a beautiful picture it paints, for sure! I love it!

Debra said...

Brittany, this song has such beautiful words! I've never heard it before and I agree with you...it does paint a beautiful picture. Wow! What a great worshipful song. Thanks for sharing it with us!

momma said...

great song!!

i didn't even notice you weren't around this week - i've been slightly awol too :)

Ms. Davis said...

Thanks for hosting Worship & Praise Sunday! I love getting to participate, make new Christian blogging friends and hear great songs I might have otherwise never heard! I hope that you have a blessed week! Are you counting down the days until summer yet?

Sharon said...

Good choice Brittany! I love this song too. I love the way you sing it best! Hope you have a great day!

Love, Sharon-Mom

Heather said...

what a great song! i found you through your mother in law's blog. have a great Sunday!

Leah said...

Beautiful song....

hope you had a great Sunday.

Miller Racing Family said...

Wonderful song. I am going to have to get a copy of your CD!
I think my favorite part of the song is:
Jesus Your all that I need
Here is my life come and take it from me
Jesus you make me complete
How we need to remind our self daily of the fact that Jesus does complete us.
Thanks for the sharing this inspirational song!

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