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Ephesians 4:2

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Pasta of Memories

Your probably wondering why I titled this post the way I did today.

Well, today I want to share with you a dish that fills my mind with memories of my mom cooking in the kitchen, of our one on one talks and special times together.

As you can probably guess, my mom made this dish while I was growing up. Particularly when I was in high school. Unfortunately my parents divorced when I was in 8th grade. Through this trying event, God brought great blessings into my life. Blessings of which, I didn't necessarily see at the time. Ones that I cherish now.

My mom and I grew closer in the midst of the trial. We cooked new dishes together and had many wonderful conversations. The biggest blessing in my high school years was my Mom accepting Christ into her life. It brings tears to my eyes as I'm writing this! Praise You God!

Anyway, on to the dish. I named this Pasta of Memories because we didn't have a name for it when I made it for my husband. He actually helped me come up with the name. It seemed to fit perfectly as a reminder of the wonderful times my mom and I spent together. It's very close to a Pasta Primavera.

Here's the pasta completed.

We simply cook the chicken in oil and garlic. One the chicken is cooked, remove from the pan and chop into bite size pieces. Using the oil and garlic, saute tomatoes, zucchini, fresh chopped basil and olives. Turn heat to low and let the vegetables simmer in their juices for about 5-6 minutes. While sauteing the veggies, boil your favorite pasta.

After sauteing the vegetables on low, place the chicken back into the pan with the vegetables. Pour over cooked pasta and grate some fresh Parmesan or Romano cheese and mix it into the dish. Enjoy!

Tomorrow I plan on sharing about that Crafty challenge I mentioned on Sunday!

Have a blessed day!

17 sweet comments:

Faye said...

Brittany,bless your sweet little heart.I really needed to hear this today.You are always such a blessing to me!Love In Christ,Faye

Leah said...

Looks delicious! :)

adsgram said...

This sounds good. I think my hubby and I just may try it this wwwk! Thanks, Brittany..Have a great day!


Amy Ellen said...

How lovely that you have such a wonderful memory. Sounds yummy!!

Michelle said...

Brittany, This pasta looks so good and I LOVE the name. Thank you for sharing the story about your Mom, it brought tears to my eyes too. I am so happy for you that the two of you bonded in such a difficult time. God is so amazing! Have a wonderful day!

Lori said...


What a sweet memory!! I think I will try this recipe this week with my two teenage daughters. I've been trying to find ways to connect with them. Preparing a meal together is the perfect venue for connecting. Thank you for sharing.

Heather said...

sounds yummy! and a great story to go along with your pasta too :)

Charree said...

Mmmmmm...Thanks for sharing this. It looks so tasty.

Elena said...

That looks very yummy and I really liked hearing the story behind it!

mardell said...

Hi Brittany!
Mmmmm, sounds wonderful. You can't beat chicken & veggies any day. Are you going to have a veggie garden this year? How cool if you do!

I'm so glad you're close to your mom! Divorce can be very SAD. Been there, done that. However, nothing beats a great relationship between mother & daughter! My DD is 19 & she's one of our Lords most precious gifts to me! :o)

Hope you're enjoying Spring so far. Keep smiling sweetie!


momma said...

yum! and what a great memory with the pasta!

Brittany said...

Hi Mardell! I'm so glad you stopped by today! Yes, my relationship with my mom is very special. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Working in the field that I do (with children who come from abusive homes, I know that I am blessed to have the mother that I do.

I hope you're having a nice start to your week! We've had lots of rain here and I can't wait for the sun to come and actually stay for awhile!

Have a great night!


Barb said...

sounds yummy,I always enjoyed cooking with my girls when they were home....Barb

AndreaLeigh said...

that sounds delicious! the perfect summer dish.

Kathi said...

Beautiful story Brittany. Thanks for sharing. Love, Kathi

Megan said...

What great memories!

Looks and sounds delish!

Kelly said...


You are so inspiring to me. If only we lived closer. :o) I love the name "Pasta of Memories" and how Mackenzie helped you to coin it. Plus, it looks delicious!

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