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Ephesians 4:2

Monday, April 6, 2009


Good morning Ladies!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'm so excited because we've had some beautiful weather these last 2 days and today is supposed to be even warmer! I love this time of year! Mackenzie and I used our new BBQ for the first time yesterday! I prepared the hamburgers and he grilled them. They were so good. I just love that smell of the charcoal burning.

I'm going to be a bit serious today on a topic that I feel very strongly about.

I wanted to share with you this video I saw on another blogger's page. It's of a young girl speaking out on the issue of abortion. Please take a few minutes to listen to this powerful statement.

I was in awe over how well she covered this issue.

Please take a few minutes to pray today for women who may be considering abortion. I've never been in a position of any of those women but I can imagine that having an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary thing. But to me, that doesn't change the fact that aborting a baby is taking away a life. I cannot stress enough the fact that responsibility begins at conception. The woman most likely has a choice before conception. However, the child does not.

I want you to know though, that it is not my place to judge. I know someone very dear to me who has had an abortion and there's no judgment here. I just want to share my feelings on this issue.

There was an amazing project going on to send Red Envelopes to the President. This project ended on March 31st. The Red Envelopes were supposed to be sent empty, with this written on the back:

Over 1,600,000 envelopes were sent. Praise God.
I hope that this project can make an impact on our government.

9 sweet comments:

Kathy said...

What a well spoken young lady! She's wonderful. The message is important and I share all of your feelings on the topic. Thank you for posting this controversial but heartwrenching subject.

Elena said...

Wow, that is amazing. I pray the President Obama's heart will be touched by this.

Miller Racing Family said...

I share your views on abortion and the no room to judge. I wish all women would watch this video, this 12 year old says it wonderfully. I hadn't heard of the red envelope project, but I am so thankful that it took place. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

Sondra said...

What a smart little girl. I love her final thought. My twins were born at 1 lb each and to small to live, but they looked just like tiny babies. And to imagine that abortion is legal at that stage of pregnancy....it saddens me...greatly. An old friend of mine had an abortion and not long after she became pregnant again. Her son was born with CP. Every day she is haunted with the 'what ifs'. Of course we can not judge others, but to me abortion=murder. I was planning on sending my red envelope and forgot about it. I wonder how many they received?

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing Brittany:) I cant believe she was only 12. I hope she can get Obamas attention.

Faye said...


TeamKeiling said...

Hey girl-
I tagged you for a questionnaire :)

shamrock fields said...

What a powerful speech this young lady delivers! Thank you for sharing. My daughter participated in the red envelope project--I shared this post with her! Bless you-

momma said...

what a serious issue. i only wish more people would realize the impact abortion has on our society.

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