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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need your help!

I'm sending out an S.O.S. to you today!

Recently, I've asked my husband to build me a corner hutch/shelf for our kitchen and dining area. I wanted it to add more storage and to display our nice dishes, etc.

He was planning on building the shelf, until he actually found one at a local furniture recycling place in town. All it needs is a little TLC.

The nice thing about it is that the area is pretty small, but the hutch fit perfectly in the corner. We'll just have to raise the curtain rod a bit.

Here's where you come in...I have no idea what color to paint it!

First I thought black, and then my hubby reminded me that we already have a lot of black furniture in our house. Our dining table is black. Then I thought, well, maybe white. We have a lot of white though because our kitchen cabinets are white.

So, should I stick with black or white? Should I paint it the same color as the wall so it looks built in? Should I paint it a different color? I've never stained anything before, but should I stain it a darker color?

All I know, is that I want to change the hardware on it and paint/stain it another color than it is right now. So please, send me your suggestions! (And please forgive the messy table and tile in the boxes...we're in the process of remodeling our bathroom)

Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate it!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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adsgram said...

Brittany...You might just try giving it a good rubdown with a paste wax...maybe a shade or two darker than it is and see how you like it before you do much else. For a primitive look it's nice 'as is', but it looks like you favor a more modern look. The darker stain/wax will help it blend in with your furnishings without a lot of paint work that you may someday decide to strip. Enjoy it...that is a nice cupboard.


momma said...

i really don't have any thoughts. i'm not good at decorating.

i usually go with my first instincts, but i also take my husband's advice.

i guess i didn't have anything to offer - except to maybe be the first commenter :)

Debra said...

Hmmm, let me think about this for a little while...I wish I could see a pic of your whole kitchen, cupboards and all. I think that would help, but if it were me I wouldn't choose white, since your cupboards are white. If you go with black it will look more like it matches your table! I love black, so I would probably sand it down, paint it black and then distress it, by sanding the edges to make it look antique.

The other thing you could do is....sand it down, put a coat of black, let that dry good, then paint an antique white over it, let that dry really good and then distress it, so some of the black shows through.

P.S. Brooke Fraser IS awesome! We have great taste in music!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany!
I would not paint it black
or paint it the same color
as your wall.
So that leaves a new paint color for it or a new stain. Hope that helps
a little bit. When you decide lets us girls know.
God Bless Always
Pamela in Ohio

Kathy said...

Hi Brittany...
Your cabinet is beautiful - I think I would go with black. But if you use another prominent bright color in your house like red or yellow, etc., and you want to change things up a little with a large piece of furniture, you could go with one of those colors. I think it would actually look very cool with everything on the cabinet painted black except for the inside back panels. If you paint or know someone who does) you could paint the inside back panels of the cabinet white and then paint on a toile or paisley design in black - or just use fabric or wall paper.

Ok - so that's my vote - a black cabinet outside, painted white inside on the back panels, with a painted design in black!

It'll look gorgeous no matter what you do to it, Honey. Enjoy the project!


Sharon said...

Hi Sweetie! I love that hutch! It is so cute and fits perfectly there. How about red? That might be the splash of color you guys have been looking for and it would make your dishes pop too.

I miss you. I hope you are having a good week. When things settle down a little I would love to hang out with you.

Hug that son of mine for me.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add and I agree
with Sharon. My first thought in paint was a
barn red or some shade of red.
Pamela in OH

Debra said...

I would have to agree with Sharon as another great idea. I actually was thinking like a cranberry red, but I didn't know if you had anything else that color. I love a dark red with white. Maybe you could paint one wall in your kitchen a dark red also....it looks fantastic with white cupboards!

I had white cupboards in my last house and I painted a dark red above the cupboards and loved it. Maybe I will email you a picture so you can see how awesome red looks with white.

Anyway, my vote is for either black or deep cranberry red!

Elena said...

Wow, what a nice piece of furniture. I would love to have something like that in my kitchen. My cabinets are blonde, so I would go with a litter wood color. In your case, I think I would make it the color of the wall. I am sure what ever you choose it will be lovely:)

Anonymous said...

I think that I would paint it black and the inside back I would paint another color to make it really pop. Hope that makes sense. Can not wait to see what you do.

Kelly said...

Oooh, I adore it! I simply adore it! Maybe a robin's egg blue or even a slate blue? I love things in that color and it goes so well with everything neutral, black or white. Or, the Nester at nestingplacenc.blogspot. has a post somewhere on her lovely blog about putting scrapbook paper behind the shelves in her hutch to change up the look. If you did white (distressed maybe?) or black, you could do scrapbook paper in whatever pattern and colors you'd like to give it a really unique and pretty look. You could change it up that way a lot, too. :o)

Can't wait to see the finished product!!

mardell said...

Hi Brittany!
Wow, what a great find! I like Kathy's idea ~ black and then white on the inside panels? Or paper...something to add contrast. Definitely change the knobs. We're in the middle of gutting our kitchen & I'm so wiped out w/decorating ideas! I need help too!

Good luck w/your decision. Knowing you, it'll be fabulous when you're done w/it. :o)

Can't wait to see the transformation. Speaking of which, did you ever get that desk painted? LOL


Leah said...

I liked your idea of painting it the same color as your wall so it looks built in.

Can't wait to see which you choose!

shamrock fields said...

Dear Brittany,
What a cute find!!! I love all of the suggestions you have received. If you go with black I think you should do something different on the inside. Beadboard paneling painted white and get some cute knobs? I think you should put Fiesta Ware in it:) I also like the shade of green that Sharon's cookbook shelf is. Red would be cute too. That's my problem--I like everything!!! Bless you!

D'Rae said...

I too think you should paint it some accent color and Red sounds good. As long as red is used as an accent in other places as well

Barb said...

Very cute, I would pick an accent color that ties in with a color you love or are using,just remember it's paint and if you don't like it you can always change it....Barb

Anonymous said...


You have a beautiful blog! =)

I don't know if you have heard of the nester's blog but here it is nestingplacenc.blogspot.com She is so talented! I have gotten a lot of great ideas sparked by her site. Maybe you can gather some cool ideas from her. I think In some of her decorating posts she has redone her hutch with some kind of paper, im not sure if it's scrapbook or wall paper (i know sounds weird) but she used something at one point. It lined innside parts of hutch (the back drop)which faces forward I have also seen this done here http://mycozyhome.typepad.com/my_cozy_home/2007/03/index.html

Paste that to browser and scroll down you'll see a corner hutch she painted inside one color and outside is another.

The nester also has shown ideas to dress up a hutch, so even if you just choose paint you can dress it up all nice, she shares some ideas.

southernhospitality-rhoda.blogspot.com was redoing a hutch i think but her site has some great ideas aswell and maybe if you e-mail your help to these creative bloggers maybe they can help.

You can always try what you like or paint black and do toile black and white wall paper. Or change up other colors in the room or the curtain. Adding in some color somewhere that hutch can pick up on. But most of all go with what you and your hubby would like always because you are the one going to see it everyday. ;)

Hope that helps and God bless!

Dana said...

I like it the way it is

Michelle Finn said...

Hi Brittany,

I am in the process of buying a hutch for my kitchen and I found one that I absolutely love that fits both my husband and my tastes and it may give you a good idea for your new corner shelf. I love all my furniture black and my husband likes it wood with a stain so you can see the grain of the wood. The hutch I am buying is paintd black on the main surface and the the cupboard doors are natural wood with stain as well as the back wall where the shelves are exposed. So it is like outlined in black and the inside pieces are stained. If that doesn't make sense I have a picture I can email you, just let me know. Hope this helps ;)

Mary Anne said...

That's a nice hutch, Brittany. I like the idea of painting it the same color as the wall so that it looks built in;-)


Mary Anne

Amy Ellen said...

Hi if you do not want to paint it black to match the other dining room furniture, I would not do white as it might fade into the background, I had a built in one that was white I always wanted to repaint it. Anyway I agree with Sharon RED. It would be a splash of color with the black and white colors. I have a plan myself right now to paint something or a couple of somethings red! ; )

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that if you paint cabnent black or another color and invest in a curtain to bring out any colors compliment wall and cabinent & rest of room. Right now at target.com they are having a sale. There Classic Home Plaid Window Panel - Red/Gold or Waverly® Damask Window Panel - Black/ White might go great in your kitchen/dining area.

Also you can't beat walmart. I got some nice curtains for our dining room at walmart and for the price and how long we'll be ussing it it was worth it for us and I saved. You may have to shop around if you go with changing up the curtains to get the look you want & right price.

I look forward to seeing how it all comes together, it sounds so fun! i myself love to get projects done that enhance our home and do it on a budget, it's challenging and fun! =) Sometimes though it can be worth investing a little more (if you can afford too)on an item if it totally changes the look of a room and you hope to keep that look for awhile and you and hubby love it.

God bless!

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