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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mackenzie's Fishing Trip with Dad and Hayden!

The weekend is 2 days away! I'm so excited and ready for it! We're having my best friend and her husband over for dinner on Saturday evening, but other than that, I'm just excited to relax!

On the day of the Valentine's tea that I hosted with my sweet Mother-in-love Sharon, Mackenzie, his dad Eric, and brother Hayden went fishing up north for Sturgeon.

Mackenzie and I are not huge fish eaters. He only likes white meat and me well, let's just say I'm going to need to be optimistic about eating fish for awhile! FYI, sturgeon is a white meat fish.

However, his dad is an expert fisherman and hunter! This is one of his dad's favorite hobbies and it was a wonderful way for Mackenzie and Eric to spend some time together. From what I heard, Eric was so excited to be able to spend some quality time with his son. Mackenzie was excited as well!

They caught 2 sturgeon! This was a pretty good day for them!

There they are, each about 3 feet long. There are laws on catching Sturgeon. One, you must have a fishing license. Two, each person can only catch a total of 5 sturgeon per year. And three, you may only catch one sturgeon per person for each fishing trip. There's also a limit on the size of the fish but I'm not quite sure what that is. If you are familiar with sturgeon, you know that they can grow to be huge fish! After taking 3 or so pictures, Mackenzie was really anxious for me to be done...he said the fish were both really heavy!

Ok, this picture grosses me out! But I wanted to show you some of the features of the sturgeon. They are such an interesting looking fish!

I'm so proud of my husband! This will really help us save money on buying meat, if I can learn to like it! :) Fish also has so many health benefits as you may know. We're going to research different ways to cook the fish, to find a way that we like it. Any ideas for a non-fish liking person? haha

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Sarah said...

Great father-son time. I am not a fish eater either well except salmon. So I am no help to you.
Have a great day!

momma said...

we love fish at our house, but i must admit we have never had sturgeon. i don't know if this will work with the sturgeon, but two of our favorite ways to cook fish (and simple ones) are
#1 - just generously sprinkle the fish filet with lemon pepper and squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice on it.
#2 - mix together a little bit of stone ground mustard, mayonnaise, and some lemon juice to make a spread to put on the fish.

bake or grill as you normally would.

mardell said...

Oh wow! I do love fish, but have never had sturgeon. They sure are big! :o) I like lemon juice on my fish (and S&P.) Can you do up some foil packets & cook them on the grill? That's always tasty & it cooks quickly.

I hope you can learn to like it! My favorite is perch & walleye.


TeamKeiling said...

Wow! Those look HUGE! I am a big time fish lover Brittany :) For white fish, I love grilling them - wrap them in foil and squeeze some fresh lemon juice on them and sprinkle Mrs. Dash on top- SO good!
I hope you find some great ideas, so you can enjoy them!
You can also cook them in a dish in the oven- wrapped in tortillas and sprinkle cheese over top. When you take them out spread salsa and hot sauce over top- healthy and simple mexican-style fish!

Elena said...

Wow those are beautiful fish. My father-in-law in his younger years (he is 84 now) was an avid fisherman too. One of my favorite ways he prepares Salmon & tuna, is to marinade it over night and grill it on the bar-b-que. We havn't had sturgeon though, so I'm not experienced in that kind of fish. I wish luck:)

Alicia said...

Try looking for recipes for baked fish that use a mayonnaise/parmesan cheese mixture on top. It turns out very mild and creamy. My children love fish and this is how I usually prepare it. (We usually eat tilapia, and other white fish; I'm not sure how different fish would translate.) There are lots of recipes out there, though. Go for less traditional preps than just breaded or grilled plain pieces for now. :^)

Barb said...

wow those are huge,I've never had sturgeon so I'm not sure about recipes....Barb

BECKY said...

Hey Brittany!! Beautiful fish!! Freshly caught fish taste WAY better than those in the store or frozen. I enjoy fish of all kinds as long as it doesn't smell fishy!!
If it does...Becky doesn't eat it!!

My hubby fishes and hunts, too!! I've just started going along, and we have a great time!! Maybe Mac will really begin to love it like his Dad!!

Have a happee Friday, and just keep braggin on that hubby!! They really do love it!!

Sharon said...

Oh, doesn't he look happy and proud! That is so awesome that they had some neat father/son time together. Did you realize that those fish are prehistoric? They've been dated back to the beginning of time! Cool huh. They actually do look prehistoric a little.

I liked the idea of mayo and parmesen. I wonder if you could do a pesto parmesean sauce??? It is a good meat, it is very thick and mild, it does not have a real fishy taste. You might end up liking it!

You're a good wife to let him have his man time!

:0) Love you!

Sharon said...

Ooops I knew I spelled parmesan wrong and didn't fix it. Oh well!!!!

You're goofy MIL


Debra said...

Sturgeon are so much fun to catch because they really fight, so it's a challenge! When I was 8 months pregnant with my son, I got a bite and insisted on setting the hook myself only to find out what a huge mistake that was when this, at least 6 foot sturgeon, jumped out of the water and threw the hook. Ok, so that was the wrong time to try and prove that I could fish like the guys. :)

Anyway, to answer your question....I love deep fried, sturgeon fish and chips with tarter sauce (mayonaise, relish and paprika). Another favorite is...marinate it overnight in Italian dressing, then put it in tinfoil with lots of dollups of butter on top, season it with either lemon pepper seasoning or my favorite, Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning, close it all up in the foil and cook it on low on the barbeque. You can also add onion on top if you want, but I don't.

If I don't have the italian dressing on hand, I'll just use lots of butter and I actually like to cover one side with lemon pepper seasoning and the other side with Tony chachere's....mmm mmm, it is so good. Fresh Tuna is awesome cooked this way too. Make sure you use lots of butter for it to cook in, so it is real moist. I don't like dry fish. :( Yuck!

Debra said...

One thing I forgot to mention....I'm not a real big seafood eater because I don't like a fishy taste, that's why I only like white fish and my favorites are halibut, sturgeon, bass and catfish. I've tried cooking fish in lemon juice and it doesn't do it for me, but my husband likes it. I've heard if you marinate fish in milk overnight it gets rid of the fishy taste, but I haven't tried it yet. The italian dressing seems to work great! Sorry for writing a book on here.

shamrock fields said...

Dear Brittany,
Wow! What huge fish they are. I have never seen a sturgeon before. I don't believe we have them in the Gulf Coast area! We have a lot of Red Snapper, Trigger fish, flounder, and mullet. I usually use garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Thanks for sharing! Bless you-

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