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Ephesians 4:2

Monday, February 2, 2009

Helping My Husband...

Last Monday afternoon, I came home on a bright sunny day. This is pretty rare for this time of year in Oregon, so it's good to take advantage of it! Now, it was sunny, but not warm! However, our yard was full of leaves from the fall and I decided that it would be helpful to my husband if I raked the leaves for him! Plus, it was a good way to get some exercise. Boy, was I ambitious before I started!

You see, we don't have a lawn mower yet and all the leaves in the yard were actually starting to get to me. Hmm were the intentions of raking the leaves for myself or my husband? haha I actually really did think it would be a huge help to him.

Now, don't laugh, but I had never actually raked leaves before, so I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. In southern California, we didn't have many deciduous trees. For the ones we did have, my dad had a leaf blower which made the process really simple. None the less, I wanted to do it! So after an hour and half later....

...the front yard was finished! haha

I actually found that it was a pretty good work out for me and was sore the next day! I'm sure many of you are laughing right now and have probably had your fair share of raking leaves! This was a big accomplishment for me!

So now you're probably thinking, what did her husband say when he came home? I bet you're thinking he was so thankful? Nope. He was sweet but said, "Oh honey, I was just going to mow those when we got the lawn mower."

What?? So I did all this work for nothing?? Ahh!

He actually was proud of me for giving the effort and I realized that even though it wasn't something that necessarily needed to be done, it gave me a chance to be outside, exercise, and be thankful for the sunny day that God had given me.

Even with the things I have to get done around the house, I want to be helpful to my husband. To be his help meet. He may be better at things like working on the yard, etc...but if I can do my little bit to help, I feel it really shows him that I love him.

I hope you're all having a nice start to the week. Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days! It's been a very busy week...seems to be that way a lot lately!


10 sweet comments:

mardell said...

Hi Brittany! Happy Groundhogs day! I guess he saw his shadow, so it looks like we're in for 6 more weeks of winter!

We have a ton of leaves here, too. I usually rake them just so my son (who's 4) can play in them! Even the cats like to get into the fun & jump in!

I hope you didn't get any blisters...that always happens to me.

Have a great week!

Sharon said...

What a great effort! I think it is really sweet that you did that for him. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the sun and got a good workout! It is hard raking leaves!

I love you!


P.S. Ha-ha, my word verification is purring....as in purring like a kitten! :0)

Elena said...

You go girl! Yes, I have raked leaves before and I know how much work it is:)

Megalamode said...

That is too funny, Brittany!!
I'm glad you ended up having fun. Raking leaves was one of my favorite things growing up! When the trees started shedding their leaves, I'd look EVERY day to see if there were enough to rake, and inevitably EVERY year, I would forget how hard the ground was, and ruin my fun on the first day by landing flat on my behind when I jumped in the leaves. For some reason I ALWAYS expected it would be softer than the year before!! You and your hubby should go jump in the leaves!!!

Charree said...

Raking leaves is no fun. I am glad that you finished what you set out to do. How great to try to be as helpful to your DH as possible. I am sure that that is a blessing to him.

Have a blessed week!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I have leaves that need to be raked :)

Sherry said...


My husband always has an easy way to take care of something I have worked my tail off on too. LOL

Barb said...

We have plenty of leaves you are more than welcome to rake (just kidding)have a great day....Barb

Sweet Nothings said...


I'm bummed we're having 6 more weeks of winter! I want spring to come sooner! :)

It was hard work raking the leaves, but I didn't get blisters. Just really dry hands!

Have a wonderful week!

Denise said...

Ahhhh! You are just too precious, Brittany! I hear you, though. Even at my age I quite often underestimate the time or effort some projects are going to take.:>
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had a wonderful birthday, and it was cool finding out the connection you and I have with the USMC and southern California. God bless!

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