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Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Wedding Pictures

WARNING: Lots of pictures in this post. :)

I thought I'd share some of our wedding pictures that were taken by our photographer Jamie. She really did an amazing job. I know some of you were able to see the pictures that my mother in law Sharon was able to take from both the pre-wedding events and the wedding. Here's some more that you haven't seen! Hope you enjoy!

Here's my Dad, walking me down the isle.

Groomsmen, all three of Mackenzie's brother were groomsmen.

Bridesmaids and flower girl

Mr and Mrs!

We got a few minutes of alone time before pictures and the reception!
(Well, sort of alone...obviously our photographer was there too)
My Family: From left to right, my Brother-in-law Sea Jay, sister Sarina, step Dad Larry, Mom Patti, Me, Kenzie, nephew Michael, niece Alyssa (both are Sarina and Sea-Jay's kids), Dad Moe and step Mom Jeanne
Mackenzie's Side (which I'm sure you've met them all)
Grayson, Cameron, Me, Kenzie, Sharon, Eric, and Hayden
The whole wedding party!
Our photographer really has a neat style, taking lots of photos like this.
Entering the reception
First Dance
Father Daughter Dance
Mother Son Dance
Cutting the Cake
Our beautiful flowers
The Rings
Getting ready with my mom
Groomsmen...don't they look like models? ha
Kenzie and his Best Man....they love the movie Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, that's where the red hats come from!

Father and Son

Mackenzie is also a huge Star Wars fan, it wasn't a surprise that he brought all this for the pictures!
The Girls

My sweet niece Alyssa..she really was happy, just tired of pictures!
My Sis and I

Mackenzie and his parents

Mom and I

Dad and I

My new mother and father in law!

I really hope you enjoyed these! There are so many more pictures but I was afraid I'd bore you with more!

We had another snow day today so I am going to get some Christmas presents done and shipped out! Have an amazing weekend!


14 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

Hi There! Very original picture taking. You have some really pretty shots! Our wedding was one of my favorite days. I mean, really how often do you get to have ALL the people you love to get together and celebrate?? One thing I remember was that they took so many pictures my lips were sore from smiling! Did you feel that way too?? Okay I gotta know, how did you do the jumping pictures? Were you on a trampoline or something? He he he!

Anonymous said...

Love your veil! That is so incredibly beautiful. Your wedding photos are amazing! You are a gorgeous bride.

Sharon said...

The pictures turned out so great Brittany! I love all of them. You are such a beautiful bride! Oh my goodness, you are just gorgeous. The whole wedding was just a dream! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Sharon (mom)

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was so beautiful! Of course, I read all about it on Sharon's blog & even counted down to the day. You did an amazing job with everything. Impeccable taste & very classy. Love the photos. I can't pick a favorite?! The ones w/the guys jumping is so cool. Also the one w/you & the girls running in the grass with bare feet. What a joyous and memorable day! You have a beautiful family ~ yours and his combined. Thanks for sharing. :o)


Elena said...

Beautiful pictures. They catured so much joy and happiness. You were beautiful subjects and you had a very talented photogapher. I love pictures. You would never bore me with!

nannykim said...

A sweet sweet family; you are blessed.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Aww, you are a beautiful bride:) Your wedding looked amazing!!!

Beth said...

I really enjoyed your wedding pictures! What a beautiful bride, and I really liked you wedding dress. What a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was lovely. And your pictures were very good. Thanks for
Pamela NE Ohio

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! How did you do the jumping shots? How fun!
Happy weekend!


Cottage Contessa said...

Wow Brittany, these photo's are just so beautiful! You certainly were a gorgeous bride, but your whole wedding party was very photogenic too! From what I saw of the wedding on Sharon's blog, and with these new photo's, it looks like it was an awesome day! And hey sweetie, photo's are NEVER boring for us to see! lol Wishing you a wonderfully warm weekend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness!!! Every person in these pictures is incredibly photogenic! If you two plan on having children in the future they are sure to be handsome or beautiful! The photographer did a great job of getting some really different pictures! They are all amazing!!!

Kathi said...

Oh Brittany, I'm so glad you have a blog. I love it! Your wedding was gorgeous and so are you! I will be back to read more. Love, Aunt Kathi

Anonymous said...


Oh my, these pictures take my breath away! You are stunning, and each photo is just gorgeous! I love the style that the photographer used - the one of you two entering the reception with the twinkling lights in the background is heavenly.


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